The three Rumic World releases and two Rumic Theater releases in the US that they were referring to are graphic novels. But are you only interested in American style comic book releases? If not, then the releases were as follows Rumik Trilogy Vol 1, 2, 3 and Rumik Theater and Rumik Theater: One or Double. The stories in those correspond to their Japanese releases (Rumic World vol 1-3, Tragedy of P and 1 or W) which you can find on our Rumic Theater page, here.

Notice that Viz always spells Rumik with a K instead of the Japanese romanization that we use with a C.

Now if its only comic books you're interested in then Sleepyowl is right. The only short stories Viz released in that format are Fire Tripper and Laughing Target.

Although we never touch the Takahashi stuff on Wikipedia (since running the site makes it redundant) we're happy to answer any questions like this you may have. ^_^

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